Preparing for your appointment



Please come to your appointment with absolutely no eye makeup (mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc) and no under eye makeup (concealer, foundation, etc.). Do not curl or perm your lashes before your appointment. Please do not use any oil-based products before and after your appointment.

Your full set appointment will take approximately two hours for classics, three hours for hybrids, and four hours for volumes, so please make sure you have this time available. 

Be prepared to be laying down with your eyes closed throughout your entire appointment. The bed is comfortable and has a blanket so feel free to dress comfortably (you may even fall asleep!). 


Before your appointment, please think about what lash style you would like!

There are a few style options that you can choose from:


Short and medium length lashes evenly dispersed for a naturally full look.

Cat Eye

Shorter lashes on the inner corner and longer lashes on the outer corner for a winged effect.

Doll/Open Eye

Shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners and longer lashes in the middle to make the eye appear more open. Most natural eyelashes follow this shape. 

You can visit my Instagram page for inspiration photos. Remember that everyones eyes and eyelashes are different, so while we can draw inspiration from photos, we cannot 100% replicate them.

I want to make sure that your natural lashes are not damaged, so during your consultation, I will determine what thickness and length I am able to apply to maintain your natural lash health. 



PHONE: (203)859-1974


See you soon!